Must Visit: Historic and Cultural Attractions

axiotheata600Pogoni is an intact from time, magical place with great history. It is one of Epirus’ oldest areas that vigorously defended its language and culture in the depths of the centuries.
For these reasons, the visitor has many attractions to discover. Your discovery of these sites is culturally rich and of wide interest. This discovery includes bridges, ancient cities and citadels, preserved villages, museums, monuments, windmills, caves

Preserved settlements:
Preserved traditional village of  Dolo (since 1978): excellent example of  Pogonisian architecture.

Cave Katsimitros in Kalpaki: has been the Headquarters of the 8th Division during the Second World War. At the entrance of the cave a bust of Ch. Katsimitrou stands.

 -Saints’ Bridge ,Kato Ravenia, on a magnificent green location on the river Gormos
-Nonoulos’ bridge between Dolo and Pogoniani
-Kouvaras Bridge in Kouvaras canyon, constructed in 1928, 15 meters long                                                                                                                                         –«Katogefyro”, stone bridge of 1889,in Oreokastro
-«Greci”, stone bridge of 1830, in Paleopyrgos

-Monument of “Pogonisian Mother” in Pogoniani
-“Fighter” Monument on the hill north of Kalpaki, funerary monument of the
1940 executed victims
-Memorial of Macedonian hero “Pavlos Melas” in Parakalamos designed by  his granddaughter Natalia
-«Pilgrimage of St. Cosmas» in Doliana at the point where Agios Kosmas taught while by his encouragement the church of  “Virgin Mary’s Birth” was built in the village in 1790

War Museum of the Second World War,in Kalpaki, with army soldiers as guides

-Folk Museum (of Deropolis),in Pogoniani,rich in samples from everyday life such as costumes, tools, utensils, jewelry.
-Folklore Collection,in Kato Merope

-Municipal Gallery, in Delvinaki

neromylos Watermills:
-“Apanomylos”, 150 years old,wheat Watermill, on the fountains of  Limpousdas,in Sitaria
-Watermill, in Kouklioi, near the waterfall ,on a breathtaking landscape
-Watermill  ,lush waterfalls of “Gardens”,since 1850, in
-Watermill, in Palaiopyrgos, preserved monument, excellent example of Pogonisian architecture

Archaeological sites:
 –Royal ruins of an ancient citadel, in Vassiliko
-Ancient ruins of Atintanias, in
Ktismata                    pinakida                                                                                                                                                             -Ruins of an ancient citadel, in Oreokastro
Hellenistic citadel, tombs and settlement (11th-14th century BC),in Merope
-Hellenistic ruins,on Lake Zaravina
-Roman ruins, in Zavrocho                                                                                                         -F
indings of Prehistoric period ,Location Paliouria and Plasi , in Palaiopyrgos
       xarths axiothe  

TIP: All the archaelogical sites are not accessible by car and are located far away from the main road network (up to 30 minutes walk). In addition the sites are locked due to lack of qualified staff and not rich in foundings.

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