Must Taste Before You Leave


Pogoni,like all of Epirus, is famous for its exquisite traditional products.
When you are here don’t forget to taste and buy:

  • Raki (TSIPOURO): Epirus’ best!
  • Pure HoneyΤΣΙΠΟΥΡΟ400 like you never tasted
  • Liqueurs: Rose, Wild Raspberry, krania (local fruit)
  • Jams: wild fig, wild berries
  • Beverages: Mountain Green Tea, Linden,    Melissa
  • Herbs: Oregano,thyme

     You must also try

  • Boar meat,
  • silira(spread cheese),
  • feta,
  • trachana(local pasta made from sheep milk and flour)

Remember : Taste  in Pogoni is a unique experience!!