Tradition Lives On In Psilokastro

Tradition lives on in Psilokastro village on 24th & 25th of August.. Every year around the same date, the same month, the same reunion! Psilokastro is the village I grew up and it creates excess emotion to me not to say that emotion becomes stronger every year. Not only out of gratitude for what I have lived here with its residents and the multitude of experiences and knowledge that they offered me, but also for the fact that many of them do not exist anymore and I owe them a lot. This festival is following a ritual that begins with the liturgy in the small chapel of St. Athanasius. In his honor this feast takes place for hundreds of years. St AthanasiusThe trees embrace us once again whispering the history of Pogoni through centuries. This history connects generations on the basis of the same tradition. The location is magical. The tall plane trees give us their shade and cool the atmosphere. We look forward for this reunion every year. The festival begins with the lament of ” Mariola: “Arise, my Mariola, from the earth and from the black soil, with what legs the cursed to arise, and with which hands to touch, Cameos your nails, hoes, shovels your hands, Throw the soil with your hand, the stones on the other side, And come out, My Mariola to see you, and stretch out your hand and you grab mine. My tomb is now a moss then come to help me weed, To pour your black tears, then perhaps I resurrect”, Tribute to the deceased, the ones we miss and will always remember. Then the orchestra plays in honour of the culinary staff.koftos and kavromas cooked 400 The preparation starts three days before and the dishes are prepared by cooks overnight with the same old age recipes. And serving our visitors begins. The brotherhood of Psilokastro is composed by big table of greek salads_300young people who love their village and this is a clear today as everything is perfect. Serving is done mostly by youth. Greek salads are served and then the Kavromas (chopped onions braised meat) and after the Koftos (wheat cooked with meat). The wine and tsipouro are flowing abundantly and dancing kavromas_300starts for guests outside Psilokastro. In the afternoon “Psilokastrites” dance, youth once more leads the way. The image of young and old dancing together offers thrills to us all. Most of us grew up serving guests plates_200together and are anxious to meet here every summer, whether living in Greece or abroad. The sounds of Pogonisian music echoes sweetly in the village and is heard also in the neighbouring villages. The dance stops early in the next morning with the same excitement, again with a lament. This time we have to say goodbye. I’m sure we all do the same prayer silently: “we will meet in our village again next year.”

Psilokastrites dance

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