7 Unmissable Delights

WILD BERRIES 2_edited-1Satisfy your eyes with icons of rare flora in Pogoni and feel the tranquility one hard to rend. The smiling residents offer you their warm hospitality. Pogonisians welcome you each time in a warmer way. Scents emerge from homes from the delicious foods (“fagakia”) which seem hard to rend as well. Whatever you try is fascinating originated from the pure Pogonisian nature. Food here creates emotions of jubilation. It seems hard to pick out which dishes are the best but I will try to make a selection:

traditional pita 2_edited-1 Pitas: with vegetables, herbs or meat of the region. The pie ply is always homemade, kneaded by housewives in their homes and cannot be compared with the dough we buy.

LIQUER_edited-1Liqueurs: from forest fruits like blackberries and a sweet and sour red krania fruit that is plenty in the area and smells like heaven


Tsipouro: if you find yourself as a guest in a Pogonisian housetsipouroask for a tsipouro drink or take some with you. It is a pure and highly digestive raki produced in the courtyards, in a traditional way, drop bydrop, from grapes of the house

Trachanas: from goat or sheep milk, bred in Pogoni. Trachanas is a dish that is commonness here. Cooked with tomato or just with TRACHANAS 400traditional butter it is a “must” for the winter’s cold but can be enjoyed as well as a cold dish during summer.

zucchini spoon sweet_edited-1Spoon Sweets: Here you can enjoy spoon sweets out of the ordinary ones (grape, quince) such as: zucchini, watermelon, unripe figs and all collected from the surrounding gardens.

Honey: You will find small producers of pure honey with the honeymost special one the linden and fir honey.

koftosLocal dishes: Koftos (oatmeal with meat, beef or sheep) Kavromas (chopped onions with meat), delicious dishes that you can taste during the traditional festivals with recipes bequeathed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.
The gastronomic dash in Pogoni will impress you and will additionally be unforgettable. The flavors here awaken child memories and make your visit exciting.

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