Sic Vita Est


A warm, August afternoon in Pogoni and the sweet heat merges with the gentle rustling of the leaves. The cicadas sing persistently their chord and as the atmosphere gets warmer the more they intensify their tune. Sweet summer breeze is blowing in and the leaves sing their own rhythm. Some ants, as if they ignore the heat, carry their food to their nest, preparing for the coming winter. white flower 400Bees are buzzing around the still unripe grapes and flowers are thirsty for some water looking wilted. A fresh scent of fresh oregano is hovering in the air. The midday heat changes the hue of the mountains in dull green as if they are covered with mist. Relief is the thick shade of a mulberry tree that stands there proudly for over 100 years providing coolness andoregano 400 comfort in at least 4 generations. This tree has a lot to say. With each shake of the branches every rustling leaf is heard like a whisper, as if telling a story. Little children played with its branches, feasts were laid under its shade, people wept and she still generously offers her shade and protection. I smile with the thought that if each one of us plants a tree they will be easily multiplied with incredible pace along with the shadows and stories that will be entangled beneath every tree.The light is silently withdrawn, allowing the entry of a superb, colorful sunset which brings refreshing evening dew.sun goes down 800

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