Prophet Elijah’s Celebration In Dimokori and Teriachi

church Dimokori 500The celebrations of our Saints in Pogoni last whole day long! Start in the morning and end late at night, sometimes next day. With the occasion of Prophet Elijah’s celebration on Saturday, July the 20th, there was a liturgy at the Prophet’s church in village Dimokori (Community of Lavdani). The morning daylight was magical and the chapel was shinning surrounded by an amazing nature. The atmosphere of devotion and silence was sweetly interrupted by the priest chanting. The liturgy ended and a small feast was set up outside the church with simple, homemade treatsDimokori feast. Sweet bread (“Artoklasia”) fresh goat cheese, lemonade, cookies, and necessarily tsipouro! In such a simple and beautiful way we share small moments of joy, altogether: young and old!

In the afternoon it was time for the traditional festival in village Teriachi. A small but beautiful village very near the Greek-Albanian borders. Teriachi celebrated Prophet Elijah in the courtyard of a small but picturesque church. teriahi church_500All tables ready and laid awaited the guests. The festival started with the sounds of Pogonisian music always with a lament. The music filled the cool night and “Teriachites” full of fun were dancing again and again. Food was served starting with salads, beans and continued with the traditional dish of sheep meat with rice and cheese, accompanied always with the local Tsipouro. Kostas PappasThe President of Teriachi’s brotherhood Mr. Kostas Pappas made the standard speech with warm words about his village and Pogoni in general. The organization was very good, tables were served with pace and fraternity that organized the festival, composed of young people with vision and love for their village, saw that nothing was missed from the guests.
With the taste of a sweet night and with the sounds of Pogonisian music in Teriachi, the celebration of Prophet Elijah will never be forgotten!

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