Rediscover Yourself

GRETSI 4 400I set off a warm summer afternoon of June with the determination to discover the area of ​​Palaiopyrgos and descend to Greci Bridge. The road should be about 4 km, to its greatest length of gravel, passable, but only for a 4×4. When the road is a little more difficult than you expect, the 4 km resemble 8km but something inside was telling me to go on. The road downhill with some difficult points and right on the thought of going back, it starts raining. A drizzle you don’t expect but yet yearn for a little cool breeze in a hot afternoon. I become stubborn and continue to go downhill. On my right a magical landscape follows me: dense vegetation, deep green color of oaks and water gurgling like mumbling.GRETSI3 400 The road ends and nothing portends what I am about to see: before me stands the bridge Greci, beautiful and genuine Pogonisian. The bridge is of 1830, in a setting that is breathtaking. Dew falls because of rain are intensifying the agony of what hides on the other side of the bridge. Under the bridge small waterfalls are formed, just further below an even longer. GRETSI7 500

An “inspiring” tranquility plunges me in my thoughts as I discover the true meaning of one’s contact with nature: the rediscovery of yourself !


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