Summer Far from the Beaten Path

KAFESVISSANI A Summer in Pogoni and the scene changes as the strong sunlight makes everything more beautiful, brighter! Now starts the best time of Greece and in your mind come two colors: blue and green. In Pogoni enjoy the blue water of the rivers and lakes and the stunning green of nature. A glowing nature that is changing rapidly and falls in a sweet summer laziness. psilokastro hliobasil 800The color tones change around as the tables come out in the squares below the plane trees, filled with voices of people who yearn summer. Along with them longing for summer and therefore game, kids run in playgrounds filling all summer afternoons with their joyful, carefree voices. Somewhere certainly you can hear a clarinet as a feast is always contrived in Pogoni and makes summer sweeter and more melodious.Psilokastrites danceSmiling faces around you as if they waited patiently for winter to go away. Savory scents linger in the air reminding you that it is time for celebration and tsipouro. On sunny mornings, brighter than ever, under the thick shade of the sycamore and mulberry enjoy your Greek coffee following the relaxed rhythms of Pogoni. Listen to the rustling of the warm breeze and you are sure that here, beyond the beaten track, is real life!

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