Letter From the Author

DSC_0247-BI grew up in a magical place called Pogoni and specifically in a village called Psilokastro, part of  Pogoni Region. A small, very small village but full of warmhearted people, full of love and passion for their homeland.  During my school years I searched my village on the Hellenic map and I did not find it , not even as a small dot on that map. I was wondering why, since our homeland was indeed invisible on the map  but gigantic in our hearts. During my childhood I could not understand that those memories and images would turn up to be  valuable memories of tradition  and led to great  passion for this region called Pogoni which survived through the centuries to give us all a valuable piece of Greek history.

The last two years I was a witness –as all Hellenes- of an extremely insulting criticism towards OUR Hellas. It was that very moment that I realized what I should do: talk about that piece of Greek History that I knew well –Pogoni.

Through my efforts and your help fellow Pogonisians i intend to make this blog famous in the whole world and show an excellent example of what Hellenic era is all about.

I dedicate all my efforts to my grandfather Evangelos and my grandmother Antonia  and also to all grandfathers and grandmothers of my village that inspired this dream and showed us what Pogonisian nature ,tradition and  history means and made us proud of it all.

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