Feast your eyes on a Purple Spring

Spring is here!As a city person you always forget the colors and fragrances of Nature in spring. A nature that revels but you’re not there. The bustling city sucks your memories, and makes you forget. Like an escape crack, Mayday is here and you take advantage of it. You take off for Pogoni. After Ioannina the route prepares you pleasantly for what you will witness in Pogoni. : Green everywhere in all its field red tree500shades, as a carpet made of a magic hand.Trees and blooming flowers all a feast of colors: red, pink, lilac, yellow do not satiate your voracious eye. As you reach Pogoni there you find Nature at the height of her beauty. Plush rug on the slopes with trees trimmed in purple, lilac tones like a canvas. Many Springs passed but none like in this place. This is an purple flower400_edited-1awesome, special one, like a magic picture. Streams flowing and gurgling that complement chirping birds, all together like a sweet chord. The smells of fresh herb in combination with the scent of chamomile and flowers leave you speechless. A brief rain and the landscape changes color again, this time darkens as it emits the fresh scent of nature that was just drenched. As you overlook Nemertsika mountain you wonder how was your spring to town until today .. Spring in Pogoni is each time an unprecedented experience!


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