12 Musts for Tea Lovers






Winter above all seasons is the best season for a hot mug of tea! Here are some facts a tea lover must know:

1.Enjoy your tea properly,slow down and sip while you think

2.Never drink your tea on the run(like you do with coffee).
Sit down with a cup of tea along with an appropriate mug.

3.All types of tea(black,green etc) come from the same plant (camellia sinensis), they are just processed differently

4.Anything else called “tea” is a herbal infusion or tisane.

5.When processed tea results in four grades:

Whole leaf
Broken leaf
fannings and

6.The grade of the tea has nothing to do with its quality

7.Tea is collected by hand plucked between the thumb and the forefinger not the fingernails that can damage the leafs

8.Picked leaves are left to wilt before being rolled,oxidized and dried.
It’s the oxidization part that makes tea green,black or white.

9.Black tea is a well oxidized tea.

10.A white tea is a non-processed tea

11.A green tea is made by steam cooking or by tossing them in a hot pan to stop oxidization

12.Tea is a health food and because of its antioxidant content known as a cancer preventer.


Article inspired by Ideal Home Magazine Nov.2014 (Simple Pleasures article “A Lovely Cup of Tea” By Vanessa Richmond)

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