Trekking Excursions-August 2014

PEZOPOROITREKKING EXCURSIONS AUGUST 2014 (F.O.S) Nature – Mountaineering Association Of Pogoni

Route No.1: Saturday 02/08/2014 

Delvinaki village-Omvrodexameni Moraitis-oak forest of Merope – Palaiopyrgos Bridge – Palaiopyrgos  Watermill – Palaiopyrgos village .

Duration: 5 hours

Departure from Delvinaki village at 7 am

Difficulty: A (Participation also for beginners)

Route No.2: Sunday 10/08/2014 

Climbing to the top of Mourgana Mountain altitude 1806 m Booting from newly established settlement of Saints Apostles, Agia Marina Village.

Duration: 7 hours

Departure from Delvinaki village at 6 am

Difficulty: B

Route No.3: Sunday 17/08/2014 

Delvinaki village- Kripounas – Agios Dimitrios – Litaraina – Red-Prophet Elias Canyons – Dolo-Ravine Kouvaras – Pogoniani village

Duration: 4:30 hours

Departure from Delvinaki village at 7 am

Difficulty: A

Route No.4: Sunday 08/24/2014 

Crossing the Makrykampos (Bozovo).

Start at the Mountain Village – Peak of Makrykampos altitude 1671 m – Stafroskiadi village.

Duration: 8 hours

Departure from Delvinaki village at 6: 30 am

Difficulty: B

DSC_0088 (1)

5th Course: Saturday 30/08/2014

Crossing Nemertsika mountain

Drimadhes village – Peak with an altitude of 2208 m – Kourouna – Vlachovouni – Pogoniskos. O.P. : 8

Departure from Delvinaki at 6 am

Difficulty: C

You are kindly requested to indicate your participation necessary to regulate the issue of transportation on tel: 6972378294 (Amalia), 694538531 (Charlie) & 6974803082 (Jim)

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