Magnificent Aquatic Scenery

Or else .. the waterfalls of Heromneme ! Each time I discover a new corner in Pogoni this joy brings childhood memories ! This is the magic moment that we all lived as children when we got in touch with something new and exciting.Likewise I felt when facing the waterfall of Glyziani. The waterfall formed by the river is breathtaking and is one of the most beautiful spots in Pogoni known for its beauty reportedly even by Lord Byron. The location is beyond any imagination.

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For the ignorant : Start from “Kouklioi” village follow the signs to Heromneme and the waterfall.On the road you will discover many hidden beauties .Beautiful , wild flora blossoms cover up for paths ,tall trees ( ideal place for the summer, for a bike ride or for those who love the trails on two wheels).

DSC_0058Ahead of you (at position “Ntovritsi”)you will be in front of the small lake : worth doing a stop at the lake for taking photos.The lake is conveniently located very near to the beautiful church of St. George in Riahovo village,

riachovoI urge you to make a visit! Carry on and follow the signs for the waterfall.
DSC_0097-120x80At the big sign you meet , you may read all the information about the waterfall while on this main paved road , leave your car because here starts

PEZOPOROIa passable,easy trekking path . The path starts from this point is passable even for amateur hikers .

On the way you will find red bows that help you in the directions of your course .I suggest you try to walk on a straight imaginary line: this is one of the three routes to access the Waterfall .


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This path leads to a stone ( oldest wooden) bridge and the access to this is from the top of the waterfall . The downstream path to the bridge is easy and compatible . You can cross the bridge to the other side and walk for another approximately 400 meters .


Here however , over the waterfall , time stops : the roar of the water that precipitates and the rich vegetation want to keep you here just yet . The small waterfall is oneof the many that forms the river reed :
most impressive is that of Ouranogefyrou ( natural bridge ) in a height of 3O meters  but unfortunately the point is unapproachable .

    • If you follow one of the other two routes ( confusing red bows beam ) you are not on wrong path. All routes are of the same degree of difficulty and the 3 tracks just end up in another part of the waterfall
    • It is important to carry your water and snacks , hiking stick (or other device ) , and your camera !
    • Beware of dogs of herds in the region ( not dangerous , but may frighten you )
    • It would be wise to make the trip this Spring , Fall or Summer , but in the early hours to avoid the intense heat .
    • The region is home to 18 rare species of receding , 45 species of rare birds and grow over 600 different species of rare flora
    • Total duration of the hiking path to the waterfall : about 20-30 minutes

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