Tips for Unforgettable Family Vacation


If you decide to visit Pogoni with your children then you made the perfect choice! The area offers excellent stimuli for your little explorers so we quote some secrets – tips to make your stay a memorable one.

1. Schedule a careful plan as Pogoni is one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus but also the largest one. Extends to 701 square km and has more than 40 villages. The road network is sound but requires careful plan as to which villages you will visit due to the mileage distance and the fact that in regions such as Lakka Pogoniou the road shows frequent turns almost in its entire length.

2. During the winter choose your lodging spot and stay in central villages such as Delvinaki not only due to the weather but because your children can find little friends for playing. During the summer season you can stay in smaller villages as they are all full of children.

3. My grandfather advised me: “never leave for a small trip without bread and water from home”. In Pogoni it must be your rule. Certainly prepare snacks and water for the road. Food stores exhist in central villages as in Parakalamos ,Kalpaki, Doliana, Delvinaki etc. but not in smaller villages. Also on Sundays most grocery stores, bakeries and kiosks are closed.

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4. Taverns and Restaurants exist in every central village but in the smaller villages you can find local cafes with homemade delicacies where you can fearlessly order dishes for your children. People of Pogoni love children and are very careful of the food quality they serve them. Do not hesitate to ask or order suggestions and dishes off the menu. They will definitely be homemade and delicious.

Do not forget that in Pogoni you are in an unexplored paradise and a magical place especially for children!KIDBLOND

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