Lakka of Pogoni: Secret No More!

DSC_0064b_bExplore a wonderful district called Lakka Pogoniou starting from the villages of Stratinista, Psilokastro, Dimokori. And the ultimate way to explore them is walking and hiking that stimulate all 5 senses:
Admire the magnificent colours of nature
Hear the sounds of: melodic chords of birds, rustling leaves
Touch the flowers and trees
Enjoy the rich aromas of nature
Be seduced by the dishes and the flavours

LAKKABearing in mind the above you should not miss the experience of the contact with traditional villages of Stratinista / Psilokastro / Dimokori of Landani Community. The route is about 5 km .You can leave your car in Stratinista, drink a coffee or tsipouro at the local cafe in the main square of the village with the breathtaking view and the Church of St Nicholas (1902). Make a visit to the Folk Museum and then start walking along the municipal road that is excellent towards the Village Psilokastro. On the way you can admire the magical nature and the spectacular view. The tranquillity of the landscape and dense agios nikolaosvegetation that dominates, take you back to other seasons. In Psilokastro go down and follow the signs to the “Rakhi”. the main square the church of  St Nicholas stands since 1930 which served as a school during the war of 1940. Just before the square on your right relax with cold, clear water from the spring of “Katsampa”
After the square ascend again to the municipal road following this time the opposite direction through the village. Continue on your right to the Village of  Dimokori. A small but beautiful village surrounded by wonderful greenery. The road takes you to the village square full of tall trees, there you can visit the Church of Saint Demetrios built in 1902. Before you return rest in the little cafe near the temple for local delicacies.



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