Live an Outdoor Adventure with Backpacking


The majestic nature of Pogoni will not leave disappointed the lover of backpacking, even the most demanding.

There are excellent hiking trails and paths:

  •     Pogoniani – Oraiokastro:

Starts from the village Pogoniani (altitude 750 m) and ends at the village Oraiokastro (500m)

Distance: 15 km

Duration: 6 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Path: through forest roads and easy paths

Route stations:oraiokastro

    Kouvaras’ Canyon
    Nonoulos’ Bridge    

    Preservable settlement of Dolo
    “Greci” Bridge
    Prehistoric Cairns of Glavas
    “Katogefyro” Bridge -Oreokastro

The ride is excellent for the dense, woody vegetation of oaks, beech trees, on cliffs ,for the Nonoulos Bridge and for overlooking the canyon tangle.

  • Dolo Saint Christopher’s Chapel :

It starts from the village of Dolo (800m) and ends at the Chapel of St. Christopher (1.125 m)BACKPACKERS

Distance: 2 miles

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Moderate

Path: Uphill path through forest and bushy areas

Route stations:

Koutsokrano’s Slope
Summit of Mountain Koutsokrano          St. Christopher’s Chapel

A dream trip to wooded nature walkers enjoying the trail and the view from the top of the mountain to Mt Koutsokrano Makrykampo Nemertsika and breathtaking.


  •     Other trekking routes:

Starting Merope, Kefalovryso and Paleopirgos Mount Nemertsika great views (positions Bitsikopoulo) and Prophet Elias and dense wooded path

Duration: 3-4 hours

Attention! Without marked trails

Bounas Forest in Delvinaki
Doliana to Lykoskou positiom for the amazing views of the mountain and  Tymfi Nemertsika
Agios Kosmas to Roupsia
Hiking in Kouvaras’ Canyon but only on marked path



Municipality of  Pogoni organizes excellent hiking trails and activities during August.



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