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The damp climate of Pogoni is the main cause of the dense vegetation the visitor meets. Wherever you turn, you witness gurgling rivers and lush vegetation. The trees are mainly oaks with rare plants and flowers already attract the visitors.

Other tree species encountered are dogwood, oaks, arbutus trees, willows, sycamores. Typical examples of forests are: the one of Merope, of Bounas in Delvinaki ,of Psilokastro village. The magnificent landscape does not end here as the magical picture is filled by the rivers (River Drin) and the lakes (Lake Zaravina). Of Exceptional beauty are also the waterfalls in Rogoziou Theogefyro. The river Kalamas is registered as one of the rarest and most important wetlands in Greece. Stems from the Mountain Dousko and pours into the Ionian Sea. Characteristic are the ravines of Pogoni with most representative  the ravine of Kouvaras. It has a length of 5 km and is overgrown in its entirety by wild almond trees, wild fig trees, oaks, chestnut trees. Region is known for its rich fauna also: wolves, wild boars, foxes like bears. In Lake Zaravina lives the otter, rare aquatic mammal.

The stunning scenery alternates continuously while the rich nature leaves the visitor or hiker amazed.


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