5 Facts About Pogoni

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Few know the name Pogoni and even fewer know the unexplored heart of Epirus. It’s time to reveal a few facts.

Fact #1:
Whenever you visit ,
you always get confused : Are you in Pogoni or in Wild West ; The breathtaking landscapes along with the improbable nature as well as  the beauty of fauna, alternate in a magic way in front of your eyes .

Fact #2:
You want to return to Pogoni again and again for:

The delicious Pogonisian cuisine

The warm hospitality of Pogonisian people

The strong tradition that lives on

The magic element : whenever you visit a new, powerful emotion touches your soul and makes your stay unforgettable .

Fact #3:
It is the best choice for a quick  getaway or long vacation ,ideal for everyone. It is amazing that here summer is cool and winter mild.

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Fact #4:
Pogoni is proud to present:

the oldest monasteries and churches in Epirus (since 1585) which are all located in wonderful breathtaking sceneries

5 of the most beautiful and at least 150 years old bridges of rare continental architecture and

more than 5 stunning waterfalls you can confuse with paradise !


Fact #5:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This corner of Epirus is unknown and untouched and holds many secrets waiting for you to discover.


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