Blue Lagoon exists!

BLUE LAGOON IN LIBOUSDAThere are heavens very close to you, so close but you ignore them. Such a paradise is 3 Chania in Sitaria Village. I admit I was aware of its existence but did not expect such beauty! Access is easy and signs help a lot. From the 3 chania pinakidamain road of Sitaria village you meet the sign that directs you to 3 Chania and Limpousdas Sources. With an altitude of 580 meters Sitaria is one of the most beautiful and one of the oldest villages in Pogoni known since 1400 AD with the name Mossiori . The nature that surrounds the village is of incomparable. You are amazed the first minute you reach the village. Now, you have 2 options: Either 1 ) You go down the road with your car ( the road is excellent and my car is not 4×4 , on the contrary ! ) , or 2) descending on foot (for 500 meters ) . While reaching the fork turn right and there you are at 3 Chania (Limpousdas’ sources ). At the fork turn left continue for about 1 km to Sitaria’s renovated water mill. At this location you will be speechless! Limpousda is Gormos’ river tributary with very cold water even during summer. 3  CHANIA_8003 Chania were named after three successive Ottoman buildings (Hania) that do not exist anymore .Tall plane trees hide the sun light, gurgling streams fill the air with crystal sounds and there is incredible tranquillity everywhere: you and nature!THREE CHANIA 800 Do not be fooled and leave as a big surprise awaits you! Proceed right higher than the site located on the sources and be amazed as you are on a Blue Lagoon! A natural lake in turquoise color enchants you. BLUE LAGOON IN LIBOUSDA 2SITARIA WATERMILLCorpses of trees fallen in the lake and leaves floating, just make the view even more spectacular!. When you manage to get unstuck take the road towards the watermill. The car can easily go up to 100 meters before the mylos sitarias pinakidawater mill, afterwards the trail is suitable for hiking. It is easy:  follow the flow of the rivulet, the watermill is located on your left. This renovated building of about 1860 is beautiful but you can not unfortunately see the interior as it is closed. During 1800 in the same place of the water mill, the ” Barouxidiko ” ,a gunpowder mill, existed .After this exquisite experience I suggest you visit the traditional cafe in Sitaria Village where smiling and hospitable hosts will treat you local delicacies accompanied by homemade tsipouro.


Why visit Limpousdas’ sources and Sitaria’s Watermill:
THREE CHANIA FOREST 800For the riverine forest of oaks , sycamores , poplars , cedars, etc. ,the 600 species of rare flora such as orchids, speedwell , geraniums etc. and of course the incredible and rare beauty Blue lake  that a similar one does not exist anywhere in Greece .LIBOUSDA'S BLUE LAGOON



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